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You are important…and so are your experiences. Aesthetics MD understands that true beauty isn’t temporal nor is it measured by a one-product-fits-all approach. Self-care is not for a select, privileged few. Why not discover and reveal the best health of beauty?
Aesthetics MD believes that everyone deserves to look and feel their personal best. Our focus is not to change who you are, but rather to help you embrace your best self. Aesthetics MD is at the forefront of specialty, results-oriented skincare treatments and products to revive and nurture your wellbeing.
Our licensed aestheticians are attentive and compassionate helping create a personalized treatment plan to revitalize every aspect of your skin. We provide much more than good feelings; we create effective, lasting experiences. We take time to teach you aspects of our customized skincare treatments that become part of your everyday self-care, not just when you come in for an appointment.
Our luxury spa is equipped with tranquil spaces, exceptional products and services and state-of-the-art technology.

Aesthetics MD nurtures your healthiest beauty. Your beauty cannot be duplicated and that’s cause for celebration every day.

Marsha Dube'


For more than 17 years as a licensed aesthetician —and 15 years as a licensed aesthetician instructor— Marsha Dubé understands the gift of touch. She observed just how relaxed and rejuvenated people are when they are pampered. One of her childhood joys in Trinidad was practicing facials on her very first “client,” her father. As a teenager, Marsha discovered the artistry of makeup…and a makeup company couldn’t help but hire her. Not long after, she moved to New York City and received her very first facial. Aesthetics. No other career will do.

Marsha’s zeal, sensitivity and caring is what sets her apart. Real beauty isn’t superficial. “Aesthetics MD is not about minimizing or simply covering up skin challenges; it’s about results, not just for one day, but for the health of your skin day after day,” she shared.

At Aesthetics MD, personal attention and customized services in a serene atmosphere are yours to behold. Marsha treasures family time, reading, and sweet travels to the Caribbean.

Aesthetics is the art of making something beautiful. I want people to know that, from the inside out, everyone is beautiful. Almost everywhere we look, there are ‘quick fix’ procedures and new products vying for our attention. It’s more meaningful and long-lasting to get to the heart of what’s best for the health of your skin. That’s real beauty.

Marsha Dube'

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